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Hello and welcome to the Keto Bandeeto website!

Obesity and the up & down struggle with weight has been a part of my life since childhood. Obsessive highs fueled by sheer will & determination culminating in joining the United States Marine Corps and graduating boot camp weighing in under 120 lbs to self-destructive, self loathing lows of fast food, booze & partying myself to near 300 lbs. This site is meant to serve as a resource for those who discover it, but more important to me is that it serves as a reminder of where I’ve been, what it’s taken to get me to where I am today and that the journey continues….everyday.



The struggle with weight loss isn’t just about exercise and dieting. There’s a lot of pain and anguish that goes with being obese. It follows you everywhere to all walks of life in areas that most people take for granted. For example try flying on a commercial airline and catch the look of people’s face as you approach…each hoping that you’re not sitting next to them…or the shame of having to ask the flight attendant for a seat belt extender and having the flight attendant parade down the aisle moments later, hand held high, calling out for the passenger needing the seat belt extender like a beer vendor at a baseball game.

The break room jokes around the countless morning Dunkin Donuts boxes or the afternoon Carvel ice cream birthday cakes to the point where you find your self jumping out and poking self deprecating humor aimed at yourself before anyone else can in order to hide your pain behind the smiles and laughter.

The anxiety of meeting up with old friends & family at special events like weddings, class reunions and holiday functions. Not fitting in to your one suit and too ashamed to go to the store and buy something new because you know that nothing on the rack will fit properly because someone your weight is usually 8-12 inches taller….so you just stay home…this is why I want to help people because I have been everyone of these people….the pain is real….and it hurts… I found something that works for me and if what I have learned can help one other person…. I’ve paid it forward


Simon Sinek, Best Selling Author of several self-help books including the Infinite Game describes two different types of games: finite and infinite. In finite games—like football or chess—the players are known, the rules are fixed and there’s an agreed-upon objective that ends the game with a winner often being declared. Infinite games, on the other hand, can be played by known and unknown players, there are no exact rules and the length of play is infinite. There is no winning in infinite games. The objective is to continue playing the game.

Weight loss/maintenance is an infinite game…no one wins at weight loss…there is no end…it’s a lifestyle and the goal of this site is to review the latest tools, techniques, strategies, gadgets and life hacks to help others find their way on their journey…and to keep me grounded on my own infinite journey!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

The Keto Bandeeto


6 thoughts on “About The Keto Bandeeto”

  1. Hello Mr. Bandito. I love this website! So informative and really easy to understand. In addition, you are such an inspiration. I need to lose 20 pounds myself. I’m going to put your tips and recipes into action.
    So is the butter coffee really good? I love coffee and butter, but just trying to imagine them together! I may just go ahead and try it.
    God Bless and keep going!

    1. I was the same way when I first came to butter coffee. Now when I’m traveling for too long I crave getting home to make my Bulletproof coffee. More than the actual benefits of the coffee…the ritual of preparing the coffee somehow has this satisfying feel to it….thanks for the read!

  2. Hi Bob, This product looks like something I can get into and stay on it, Your wife a good and close friend of mine told me about it, So I think that is what i need to do staying at home in these troubled times i am putting on a lot of weight and i think this product can help me.

    1. The famous John-Paul…Do yourself a favor and conduct an experiment for the next 30 days. See if this is something that can work for you… let me know if i can help. Ping me or my better half and I can send you some resources to help you along if you’re interested. Stay safe


  3. Hello Bob,
    Your about ” Keto Bandeeto” and your self is so honestly and well written that I am encouraged to read more of your posts.
    All the best,
    Trevor from Barbados

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