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One of the things that attracted me to the Ketogenic diet is that there aren’t any foods or supplements that you MUST buy in order to be successful. There Woman-at-the-marketare no DVDs to order, no meal plans to have delivered, no magic powder to set up on auto-ship. In fact, the most important aspect of the Keto diet is educating yourself about diet and nutrition…that is not to say that there are not a plethora of products hitting the market targeting people that are looking to stay Keto friendly. It’s just that you don’t absolutely have to buy any of them…you can go to the local market and do quite nicely on your own. You can search the internet and find enough information, videos, recipes for free that will serve you perfectly, but…..

What if you don’t have the time to figure it all out?

Over the past two years, I’ve watched countless YouTube Videos, listened to hours of podcasts, read lots of blog posts, bought a few cookbooks…basically, I’ve terrorized my entire family with a ton of keto flavored media and keto infused experimentation in the kitchen…to this day my kids are traumatized by the mere mention of stir-fried cabbage or fat bombs. I’ve learned a lot over these last 22 or so months… and that’s growth is part of the allure, maybe it wasn’t in the beginning, but as I reflect now it was and is…this puppy ain’t nearly done… I’ve still got 40 lbs to go!

But what if you don’t have the time or the inclination to put in all that time into research? We live in this “Instant gratification” world where we want everything…ye

sterday. How can you maximize the Keto diet without going thru the bumps and bruises of trial and error?

Custom Keto Diet

This site does charge for creating an easy Keto meal plan, but for those people that just want a custom tailored plan with specific goals in mind based on personal preferences, the $37 one-time fee gets you the following:

Custom Keto Diet

  • An eight-week meal plan created based on the expertise of certified nutritionists, personal trainers, and chefs.
  • Meals that have calorie and macro nutrient content tailored to your specific situation and goals.
  • A nutrition plan with food variety to ensure you will get a wide range of nutrients and boost the likelihood of sticking to the diet.
  • Meals that are based on personal food preferences to make Keto diet enjoyable and help you stay on track with their plan…remember the best diet plan is the one you can stick to!
  • Detailed recipes with step-by-step instructions to make meal preparation super simple (no prior cooking experience needed).
  • A downloadable shopping list each week that details every needed ingredient you will need in the upcoming seven days.
  • Options on how you can customize every meal even more to suit your taste buds.
  • They’ll show you what to eat every day to reach your goals in the fastest and most enjoyable way.

All good stuff….again, none of this is essential to following a Ketogenic diet and lifestyle…this is a shortcut to put you on the right path immediately to see results as soon as possible


Everyone’s path is a little different

There are millions of people that have lost weight and every one of those journeys was different from the next…are there similarities? Absolutely! Are there tenets in weight loss that are common to all weight loss programs? I think so, burning more calories than you consume…caloric deficit comes to mind…basic stuff.

However, everyone’s struggle is unique to them…what works for one might turn another away. There is no RIGHT path for weight loss, there is only right for you. All that we can do is to arm ourselves with the right tools and strategies to get to the desired goal.

Look at everything…internalize the things that make sense to you…discard the things that do not. Remember that strategies can change & evolve…as long as the strategies are  moving you towards your goals and they are true to who you are

Good luck and let me know where you you are in your journey in the comments below!

Custom Keto Diet

14 thoughts on “Easy Keto Meal Plan”

  1. I personally love the keto diet! I actually do a little bit of intermittent fasting and try to avoid carbs as much. Before this, I used to get really sick often but after doing this I understood what my body really needs!

  2. simple and clean – Making available a plan for people that can’t or don’t want to bother to do it for themselves is a good idea. I like that you keep it simple and not pushy.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Lovey…I appreciate the remark about not being pushy…that’s exactly how I want the content I submit to be viewed. I despise the pushy approach…especially when it comes to weight loss…although the thought of my lease coming due soon has me dreading the wave of pushy car salesman I need to endure
      Be well

  3. Hi there and thanks for this informative article
    I’m really struggling on Keto and I feel like I’m missing the carbs.
    Do you have any suggestions for people who are almost at the giving up stage?

    1. Wow sorry to hear that you’re struggling…what are you struggling with? How far are you from your goal?
      When I get to a point when things are just “meh”, I look for a challenge to level up the excitement. For example…I’ve started to sprinkle in some intermittent fasting in conjunction with keto….it helped me break a plateau and get to Onderland…that’s the place where when I step on the scale the number that appears begins with a “1”.
      Let me know where you’re struggling….

  4. Hi Bob

    It is a lifestyle choice, staying healthy. I too have dabbled in keto, with intermittent fasting and I feel great afterward. One must appreciate feeling younger than they are when they get to my age 🙂

    All the best with the 40lb, you have got this!


    1. Thanks Jo
      I know what you mean about feeling younger…funny growing up in the 80’s & 90’s, I seemed to be chasing the “high”, mostly fueled by fast foods and beer…now I’m chasing a different “high”…nothing feels better than fit does.
      All the best!

  5. Great post! I’ve thought of trying Keto before, but my biggest concern is finding recipes my whole family will enjoy…especially my picky kids. I so often resort to pasta meals because I know they’ll eat that at least. The custom Keto plan sounds great! I’ll check it out. Thanks for the info.

  6. Very impressive lay out. I love how you totally explained how it is on us to lose weight. If i was going to Keto Meal Plans, I would find this information very important. This explained a lot to me already. Thank you

  7. Thanks Bob. I’m a big fan of the keto diet. It’s amazing the difference it can make in your life.

    One problem I run into though is that my workouts get harder. I’m a weight lifter and I find that over time my strength and energy levels take a nose-dive. When I start working carbs back into my diet, I rebound pretty quickly.

    Do you have any suggestions on how I can stick to the keto diet and maintain my workouts?

    – Scott

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