How to stay focused in your goals

This is the Keto Bandito blog and staying focused on you goals naturally revolves around weight loss, nutrition and the low carb, Ketogenic lifestyle…on this blog any way, but this strategy can be applied in all facets of life….Never-give-up

What do you really want?

Don’t just blurt something out…what do you really want? I mean REALLY WANT!

Not what would you like… save that for the waiter at your restaurant, he’ll take your order and oblige. Not what you desire…save that for when you come across a dusty lamp tell the Genie what you desire and maybe he or she can grant that. When I ask what do you really want, I mean what will you commit to and more importantly what will you sacrifice to get it? Nothing worth having in this life comes without a cost….nothing worth having comes without pain, sacrifice and a commitment to getting to your goal.

When you see that lead guitarist rocking out to a filled stadium of adoring fans, thinking to yourself, how fortunate he is…he’s sitting on top of the world, what you don’t see are the countless hours of practice, the bloody fingers from honing his craft, the filthy venues that he played to get to that stage you’re looking at

When you see that fella on the beach with the rock hard abs and the bulging biceps…see how natural and comfortable he is walking around without a shirt on, What you don’t see is the pain and dedication to the gym or the disciplined approach he took towards his nutrition…the ice cream sundaes that he refused because of his commitment.

Intellectually we know that the guitarist & the fella with the 6 pack abs worked their butt off to get where they are….if you’ve ever picked up a musical instrument for the first time and tried to play a note you soon realize that this requires skill…and while someone can have a natural aptitude for music or have a genetic propensity for a lean body…getting to that upper tier requires work….so what do you really want?

Set the Goal

Write-GoalsWell into my 50s and nearing 300 lbs, I wasn’t happy. Not with myself, not with the man staring back at me in the mirror. This is not the best version of me… I can be better… I will be better…and I had an Albert Finney in the movie “Network” moment…”I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore,” dammit, and I meant it. The time had come for a change and nothing was going to stop me… I didn’t know how I was going to make the change or what the change would look like…but dammit I was going to lose the weight, be healthier and not hate looking at that man in the friggin’ mirror!

For my height & age,,,to get to a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 24.9 and classified as normal I need to get to 165lbs…that’s the goal, today

Choose a strategy

Weight loss, especially a goal of losing almost 50% of your current weight requires a strategy…hell accomplishing anything worthwhile requires a Strategystrategy. In this case the strategy chosen was the Keto diet…that ‘s a personal decision. Any strategy chosen MUST be a personal decision…just like someone addicted to drugs or alcohol needs to make the decision to make a change and choose a strategy to overcome their addiction…the strategy choice needs to be your own.

Custom Keto Diet

Make the Commitment

This is where you need to dig deep and be honest and truthful with yourself and make a hard, detailed, specific commitment to yourself. Get granular, don’t leave anything to speculation or interpretation. Our minds can justify just about anything given the proper motivation.

For example, my commitment initially was too vague… I was going to lose weight, finally…like that was a revelation…like I’ve never said that to myself before. The goal and the commitment had to get more specific, more detailed. I decided that the Keto diet would fit my lifestyle and I could sustain it….but remember…it’s easy to say nearly 2 years and 80+ lbs later that I just had to “stick to it” for the next few years and all would be well… that was too big and too vague and I wasn’t sure that any of this would actually work…it’s not like I hadn’t started a diet before. Plus, the Keto diet is not without controversy…just ask Jillian Michaels

So I got granular….strict Keto for 30 days… I would measure everything that I could, weight, neck, shoulders, chest, waist, thighs…this was going to be a scientific experiment and at the end of the 30 days I would know if this could work for me or not.

Then I got ANALOG on this commitment and I WROTE IT DOWN…. I know sounds hokey…but I wrote it down like a contract and I put it in my office over my computer monitor…where I would see it every day.

Tell someone….

Find someone that will hold you accountable….this is harder than it sounds. WhisperIdeally I could just tell my wife, and I did, but she’s not the best person to hold me accountable, she loves me too much and enables me. This required telling someone that would hold me accountable…someone that would say “hey I thought you where on a diet…drop the doughnut!”. Someone that is not adverse to asking you the uncomfortable questions…but also someone that you trust…a friend or a colleague…or maybe your wife, she might like telling you to drop the doughnut

Look into the mirror…

Take a long hard look at yourself…this commitment is ultimately being made to Look-into-mirrorthat person in the mirror. Do you consider yourself to be disingenuous, a phony, a fake…most people don’t. Most of us see ourselves as the protagonist in their story”… The good guy (or gal). Make the promise to yourself…you’re worth it…you deserve to see it thru. Be the type of person that says what they are going to do and does what they said they would do….

Being genuine…that is so empowering. The momentum from that alone is priceless. Being a person of action…someone that talks the talk and walks the walk….this is such a great gift to give yourself…be genuine!

Have courage…this commitment is for you and no one else, have the faith and the courage that not all people will agree with your decision…in fact it’s almost a guarantee that once you make a commitment to yourself whether it’s diet, exercise or anything for that matter…someone will have an opinion that contradicts your decision….Keto diet…oh no…that’s bad for you… Jillian Michaels says so. Running a 5k?…oh no, that’s bad for your knees….it’s your commitment… you’ve made your choice wisely…ignore the naysayers…have courage.

Be resilient…remember that strategies are not goals…strategies can change, goals do not. My goal was not to eat Keto….my goal was to lose weight, lose fat, get healthier life…Keto was just the way I was going to get it done. Over time the strategy evolved, I mixed in bouts intermittent fasting. Added in a commitment to be more active….bought a Fitbit and made a goal of moving 10,000 steps per day….all strategies towards the goal….keep an eye on the goal, the road to the goal won’t be a straight line…be resilient

Last thing…be fair with yourself, this is the long game, life is going to happen…you’re going to make mistakes…we just do. Own it, acknowledge it, forgive yourself and get back on that horse!

Let me know how you stay focused down in the comments below…together we can achieve more!

6 thoughts on “How to stay focused in your goals”

  1. Thanks for sharing an amazing post about staying focused on your goals. I’m a goal-maniac myself and I enjoy setting, failing, and reaching my goals.

    I appreciate your advice here and will take some of it with me. My best tactic is to write them down and keep the paper next to my bed so that I can look at it the first thing in the morning and the last thing before going to bed. This trick helps me to stay focused.

    Thanks again for sharing. I wish you much success!

  2. Hey,

    Love this post. I set goals for myself in everything I do, and one of my all time goals is to constantly learn. I love the commitment you talk about, and then tell someone about it. I always find that if you don’t have an accountability partner or buddy, then you are never going to achieve your goal when you want to.

    I always found excuses to not achieve goals, but when I made my commitment to it, and told someone, I found it a lot easier to achieve.

    Great post, and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Tom,
      Thanks for the feedback…wish that I could say that I’m an expert in goal setting, but I’m not….struggled with this for years. With the weight loss journey (another thing I struggled with over the years), I got really clear on setting this goal and I got some momentum….now I’m like a kid with a new toy…where else in my life can I apply this strategy?
      Thanks again for the read and the kind words!

  3. Hi Bob, Great advice and direction. Much of what you lay out above in this article could very well apply to me. I admire your candor and commitment and wish you luck in keeping to it. Success awaits.

    Question from me, have you maintained Keto and what are your thoughts of sustaining it long term? My wife and I have ventured into and out of it a number of times, usually 30 day increments. It serves us well but we always seem hesitant to commit to it as a full time choice.

    Thanks again for the informative article,

    1. I’ve been on Keto for close to 2 years to varying degrees. I stay away from bread, rice & pasta….I stay away from processed foods and from sugars. For me, it’s not really a diet anymore…it’s just how I eat. Like right now I’m making a beef stew with mixed vegetables…probably a little high in carbohydrates because I used carrots…but I try not to stress carbs from vegetables…just eat them in moderation. I can see modifying into a Paleo/Keto hybrid as I get near to my goal.
      Thanks for the feedback

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