Keto Snacks You Can Buy – Elevation Caramel Nut Bar Review

It was a glorious day… the sun was bright and the air was crisp. It was an ideal time to take up the quest of finding Keto bread… weeks of self-governing solitude has given way to cravings of bacon egg and cheese on toasted white bread. All that is needed I need to complete this Keto Quest is Keto Bread from the local Aldi Supermarket, this is where this review begins….

Aldi – The different store

ALDI About Me Page

ALDI – Shop Differentli – This is their tag line and they live up to it!

My adventure starts with a trip to Aldi’s …ALDI is the oldest discount grocer in the world and is a major brand across Europe. The first supermarket opened in Germany in 1961, and now more than 10,000 stores exist in 20 countries. The first U.S. store opened in Iowa, in 1976. There are over 1900 stores in 36 states.

This no-frills market focuses on keeping customers happy and prices low. With only four or five aisles of merchandise, the stores are much smaller than the Home Depot like grocery stores now popular all over the US. About 90% of the inventory is ALDI brands. But keep in mind many “off” brands are the same food or product as a big name brand but with a different label.

Getting into Aldi’s was my first challenge, they being socially responsible only allow 40 patrons to enter their store at one time, along with 10 active employees… so we waited, like we were trying to enter this socially distant nightclub, we waited for shoppers to leave one by one and we were permitted to enter in the same manner.

Having been to this rodeo once or twice before, I came equipped with my earth friendly reusable shopping bags and I remembered to bring a rare artifact to release the shopping cart from its corral…

the case quarter! That’s right, in order to release the shopping cart from the stack of carts located in front of the store you need to insert a quarter into the slot in the upper right-hand side of the cart. This releases the cart and allows you to remove it from the stack… When you’re done, in order to get your “quarter back” you need to put the cart back in the stack and locking it into place with the other carts releases your quarter…. Genius!

Custom Keto Diet

The Disappointment – No Keto Bread

Sad but true, along with the desolate wasteland once known as the paper goods aisle, Keto bread was no where to be found. Flagging down one of the masked Aldi employees was easier said than done, but persistence paid off and one of the Aldi desperado’s muddled something about Keto bread sells out quickly and I should check back often…lovely. My mysterious new friend then offered… “Aldi has a line of Carb Conscious Elevation bars that are perfect for the Keto diet…. I’ve often heard about the “bait & switch” technique in sales, but this didn’t feel so bad… maybe because I couldn’t see the big Cheshire cat-like grin going on under the mask?

Elevation Bar by Millville – Caramel Nut

Check Amazon for price

This is one of the ALDI brands that compare to national brands but at a lower price point. I thanked my socially distant masked Aldi friend refraining from calling him “Kemosabe” and checked out the carb conscious Elevation Bar options.

The Carb Conscious lineup includes:

  • Coconut Almond
  • Caramel Chocolate Peanut Nougat
  • Caramel Double Chocolate
  • Chocolate Coconut
  • Cranberry Almond
  • Peanut Butter Fudge Crisp
  • Caramel Nut…which is the bar I’ll review here!

Ingredients: Milk chocolate flavored sugar free coating (maltitol, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, milk fat, soy lecithin, vanilla), maltitol, roasted peanuts, caramel (maltitol, fractionated palm kernel oil, milk protein concentrate, polydextrose, cream [heavy cream, carrageenan, mono and diglycerides], maltodextrin, sodium caseinate, natural and artificial flavor, salt, disodium phosphate, carrageenan, soy lecithin), soy protein isolate, polydextrose, inulin, whey protein concentrate, peanut butter, natural flavor, soy lecithin, salt, sucralose, acesulfame potassium.

The first red flag is Maltitol….a sugar alcohol. … It is also less expensive for food producers to use than erythritol, xylitol, and other sugar alcohols. It has been shown to raise blood sugar and increase insulin response… just like sugar, so right off the bat, Maltitol is not ideal for those on a keto diet. Too much Maltitol causes some people stomach pains and gas…wonderful.

Next is Carrageenan… a common food additive extracted from red seaweed. Manufacturers often use it as a thickening agent… Some scientists believe that carrageenan can cause inflammation, digestive problems, such as bloating and irritable bowel disease (IBD), and even colon cancer…. Aye yi yi!

Then there’s Maltodextrin: This highly processed sweetener is produced from starchy plants like rice, corn or wheat and contains the same amount of calories and carbs as regular sugar… at this point it’s clear that this isn’t what I’m looking for… thank goodness for the kids… they’ll eat anything

All of this, plus it’s a tiny little bar…only slightly larger than a fun size regular candy bar that packs 130 calories and 17g total carbs! The claim of 2 net carbs is calculated by deducting 15g of dietary fiber (5g of fiber & 10g of sugar alcohol). On the plus side it does come with 5g of protein and 8g of fat which comes from palm oil… not ideal.

The Taste Test….

With the numbers out of the way all that was left was to taste the bar, true to form this bar tasted great. Vaguely reminiscent of a Snickers bar, though not nearly as packed with peanuts. It really was good and I can see where folks could use these as a substitute for that afternoon Milky Way bar. Your regular Snickers bar packs 215 calories, 11g fat, 3g protein and a whopping 28g of carbohydrates & 20g of sugar, the Elevation Bar is a better choice. Think of it like walking in the bike lane vs walking on the freeway… neither is recommended, but one is certainly worse than the other.

The Verdict

Price on the box of (5) bars was just under $5, so each bar was approximately $.95 cents… areal bargain for a “carb conscious” product that you can buy off the shelf and keep in your bag/briefcase for times that you need that quick pick me up.

Amazon Buyers reviews:

Click here for updated reviews


Bandeeto’s Dos Centavos

My review isn’t indicative of the taste, but for use in my low carb/Ketogenic lifestyle. If anything the taste brought this up to a 2 out of 5 for me.

There are some “pros” it’s cost effective… it really does taste good, but it’s outweighed by the “cons” for me to add this to recommend this as a “Go To” snack to carry around. This is an example of what happens when a “Niche” diet begins to capture the attention of BIG FOOD. Low carb/Ketogenic diet has been trending for quite some time and here’s a food manufacturer cashing in on the wave, but there are certainly better choices available and the Elevation Carb Conscious series should only be considered when in a pinch if you’re concerned about staying Keto friendly.

Have you tried these or Elevation Bars? What’s your opinion?

Let me know down in the comments and I usually respond by the next day if not sooner!

Stay Safe… Stay Healthy… Stay Strong!

Keto Bandeeto


20 thoughts on “Keto Snacks You Can Buy – Elevation Caramel Nut Bar Review”

  1. Excellent article! As someone who is trying to eat better and cut as much sugar and sodium out of her diet as possible, I truly appreciate how thorough and objective you were in your analysis of the snacks. I want to eat products that will fill me up, provide me with my necessary vitamins/nutrients for the day, and not bite me in the butt later on. I also loved your humor! Laughter + solid facts=winning combination. I will definitely visit your site again. God bless you!

    1. CN,
      Good to hear that you’re trying to manage what you eat more effectively and restrict sugar & salt. I wish I could jump in the DeLorean and tell my younger self to eat better, he probably would listen anyway…. “Youth”, it’s wasted on the young
      Thanks for the read and the kind words… pass back thru and check on me soon

  2. Hello.Thank you for doing this review concerning keto snacks.I deal with healthy living standard and over the last few decades ago many cases of overweight and obesity have been recorded.This as a result of consuming foods that are rich in sugar.such review will help many people in deciding the type of food they consume.Best wishes continue with the good work.

    1. Thanks for the the comments Alex… We all need to pay better attention to what we consume, regardless of whether you’re following Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean etc. Eat more whole foods and limit your intake of processed foods and refined sugars.


  3. Thanks for the excellent review!  The whole ‘diet bars’, ‘protein bars’, ‘energy bars’, etc. thing has been going CRAZY lately, it seems.  So, of course, they are trying to come up with a great keto-type one.  Especially in modern society when we’re too busy to actually eat.  (I’m guilty of protein bars myself when I’m hungry and can’t eat immediately, like at work.)  I like that they’re making cheaper ones, but I’d have to agree with your assessment of these particular bars. At least they tasted good, which is actually hard to find in these ‘meal bars’.  Most taste like cardboard or something icky!  Thanks for the review, again!

    1. Thanks for commenting… love the name Selenity Jade. Protein bars and meal replacement bars have a place, but I would put them low on the options bar… being prepared is the best strategy to avoid getting that low on the list of options.

  4. This Elevation Caramel Nut bar is one I have not tried, after reading your review I feel that will not change anytime soon.

    The calorie content is not too bad but the amount of hidden sugars are very off putting also loaded with carbs. Being on a keto diet has great health benefits. I do find it difficult at times to eat a variety of different dishes, I will check back soon to see what you are recommending.

    1. I agree Lisa…. you want to focus on good clean whole foods… if my only other choice were the freeway, I’d choose the bike lane.


  5. Hi, Hi

    This is another good post from you. Thank you for it: very informative, clear and concise.

    I liked how you guide us by sharing your own experience. I liked also your sens of humour that takes your reader thru the whole article towards the end of it!

    I’ve cracked for ElevationBar with Caramel Nut. It’s price is really affordable.

    Thank you for sharing

    1. Bathwag thanks for being a returning reader!

      I’m happy to hear that you’re amused by my feeble attempts at humor… it’s much appreciated

      Come back soon!

  6. I enjoyed this post on elevation caramel nut bars, as it’s great to see a slightly healthier alternative to a Snickers or Milky Way chocolate bar. I also loved the humorous account of your trip to Aldi during lockdown:)

  7. Hi Bob,

    I feel for you on the whole ordeal associated with going to the supermarket now, between queuing and stocks of food running out, it’s a bit painful!

    Anyway, great article, I was thinking to myself that I’ve never seen those bars in Aldi and I frequently shop there. Perhaps they don’t have them in certain countries? Sounds as though I need not feel I’m missing out too much anyway based on your rating!

    Best wishes,

    1. Hey Sharon!
      To be honest, I would have passed right by them if the masked ALDI employee hadn’t pointed them out to me… and if you know ALDI’s… it’s a small store, it doesn’t take long to walk all 4 aisles.
      Thanks for commenting!


  8. If you’re on the keto diet you’re all about minimizing your carbs and upping your … Protein bars are great, but they typically have a pretty high … This bar is perfect for sustained energy without the sugar and carb … bars, and because you buy them at a reasonable price for a 20-pack, they’re a great value.

    1. Feji Ben… agreed. These bars can be a reasonable priced and they are certainly a better alternative to traditional sugar packed candies. While I find these bars to be acceptable in certain circumstances and can fit them into my Keto lifestyle… there are many better options available.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


  9. The middle was filled with creamy nougat covered in caramel with peanut pieces. … After trying the Elevation Peanut Butter Fudge Crisp Bar and the Caramel Chocolate Peanut … I really liked all of the Elevation bars that I tried….and would like to eat them anytime as they are the best that i have tasted so far.

    1. David,

      We’re in agreement, the Elevation bars DO taste great… the issue is that while it tastes great and it’s certainly better than choosing a Snickers bar if you’re goal is to stay within dietary goals., but that doesn’t mean that it’s a great choice. 

      Thanks for commenting

  10. You did a great job Bob! I believe that this is the information that can’t be find on the web easily and you decided to share it with others for free, that’s really great!
    I didn’t know much about keto snacks but I’ve been always interested to know more about this and your comprehensive guide helped me a lot. I don’t know if you wrote this post 100% by yourself or got help from other sources as well, anyway, it has really brilliant information which convinced me to share it with my friends on social networks.
    I think, the Internet needs more quality posts like yours these days, especially when we see a lot of crappy ads and scams about this topic. You can’t read a post easily on a website without seeing tons popups but your site and post is an ideal example of a quality article which is not covered by annoying ads, has very useful information and lets readers enjoy reading every piece of it.

    Thank you again and I wish you continue providing such that quality information in the future which turn the Internet and blogs into a better place to surf!


    1. Ali,
      Thanks for commenting!
      Great points… what’s the fine line between monetizing your content and adding some semi useful copy to your accompany your ads… and which one converts better. I only know that I hate reading blogs that are full of annoying pop ups, so I make sure that I tastefully add relevant ads that compliment the content, not the other way around.
      Appreciate the kind words!

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